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Enthralling and at the same time, challenging, filming in Saudi Arabia is unique. As the country opens its arms to welcome more foreign filmmakers, the role of local support grows. And this is where we join the scene. Saudi Fixer is a team of fully-vetted professionals, providing all-encompassing production assistance. We ensure you get access to top resources, for the most convenient rates. Our location manager is at your service, ready to guide you through the most eye-catching places. Your next video production can find its matching backdrop here, we are sure. To ensure you film uninterrupted, we also offer film permit application support.

Right from day one of filming in Saudi Arabia, we take care of all the details. Things run smoothly on set when you have us by your side. And if commercial productions are not your main area of interest, do not worry. We have vast experience in various fields of activity. You can even count on our services as a journalist fixer. Thanks to our wide network of collaborators, we can put you in contact with the right people, at the right time. Chasing stories or doing interviews with local public figures has never been easier. 

We strive to keep things simple and convenient for you. So whether you plan to film in the middle of the desert or by the Red Sea coast, we bring you everything you need. From gear rental to crew for hire, our portfolio covers it all. Contact us to know more!

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Saudi Arabia

Filming in Saudi Arabia can be a rewarding experience. Yet the road to that blissful outcome comes paved with rough conditions. We are referring to both the climate and the country’s restrictions. The guidance of a local film fixer in Saudi Arabia is essential to keep you rolling. Your production can be easily put on hold if found inappropriate. And that happens even if you hold a film permit. All-encompassing production assistance is our solution to such risks.

Saudi Arabia fixerAn advantage of working with Saudi Fixer is a deeper understanding of the culture. Collaborating with a local means you get to know and respect the local traditions more. Add access to local resources and convenient rates. Team up with a film fixer in Saudi Arabia, a powerful ally in negotiations. 

Shooting in this rich country brings you diverse landscapes and abundant resources. However, for the film industry, the lack of support from authorities takes its toll. You find only a limited pool of specialists available. If you need highly qualified production experts, you should consider bringing them from abroad. The same applies to filming equipment. Due to this, filming in Saudi Arabia may leave you dry of patience and resources. 

Fortunately, we know where to find everything you need on set. We are part of Storytailors, a global service production network, therefore we understand international standards.

Saudi Fixer is your oasis in the middle of the desert. You can count on our crew to help you with formalities, rentals, and translations even. All this, for the most convenient deals. Rely on us and our Saudi Fixer for full support!


Filming In Saudi Arabia With Us

filming in saudi arabia

Even the world’s largest desert can become a welcoming filming location. That is, of course, when it has top production assistance as coverage. Saudi Fixer strives to ensure you have the most embracing filming conditions. Whether you decide to film in one of the kingdom’s countless palaces or roam the dunes of Rub Al Khali, we have your back.

And to keep your filming plans on schedule, we assist you even with the film permit application.

Turn your camera towards the land of Arabian horses, bedouins, and a myriad of palaces and mosques. Filming in Saudi Arabia will be, for sure, an experience like no other. While the flavors and colors of this country enchant you, we stay focused on work.

Our location scout knows all the telegenic places across the land and sea. No doubt that you can find the perfect backdrop for your next video production. From the Red Sea coast to the heart of the desert, we follow your steps all across the kingdom and strive to help you. Make no exception from your high-quality service standards. A creative and hardworking filmmaker deserves to have a passionate fixer by his side.

While access to top-notch resources may not be easy in the kingdom, there is one aspect always in your favor. Our production support covers all your needs but does not leave your budget dry. Saudi Fixer’s priority is to ensure you do not have to break a bank to get the assistance you need. Contact us for details!

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