Filming in Saudi Arabia

Take advantage of every filming opportunity you get. That includes even the most unexpected locations. Filming in Saudi Arabia can be a challenge for many foreign filmmakers. But with our top local support, even film permits become more accessible. Having the right kind of partner in production makes a great difference. Share your tasks with a reliable production fixer in Saudi Arabia. Our team is at your service, ready to fulfill your vision. Allow us to take your ideas to a whole new level. If you are ready to talk about your next film, get in touch with us today!

Top Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Saudi Arabia

Filming in Saudi Arabia may sound less appealing if you think of the country as very restrictive. Yet even in an arid, unfriendly environment, filmmakers can find a way to develop ideas. If you ask us, reliable, all-encompassing production assistance matters a great deal. That is what our crew of experts is constantly trying to provide videographers with. Translating, support for film permits, the guidance of an expert location scout, we have it all. And the good news is you can benefit from it at the most convenient rates.

As the kingdom is turning a new page in the history of the film industry, now is a great time for filming in Saudi Arabia. The relaxation of rules means filmmakers get access to more affordable local resources. To know where to find the latest gear or top locations, trust our production assistance. Explore unthinkable places and capture the most telegenic shots. For all the other tasks, count on Saudi Fixer. We ensure paperwork does not stand in the way of your next video production. Film permit approval, gear rental, work permits for the crew, our portfolio covers them all. Write us a message to get a customized offer today!

Getting Film Permits In Saudi Arabia

One of the most difficult aspects of filming in Saudi Arabia is securing film permits. The local legislation is mostly prohibitive, restricting especially non-Muslims from several religious locations. Also, when entering the country, female members of your crew need a familiar male to accompany them. To handle the sensitive details, the help of fixer in Saudi Arabia is priceless.

Even though the country is slowly embracing international productions, strict rules apply. Taking pictures of government buildings, military installations, or palaces is usually forbidden. You need a series of approvals and film permits to allow that (unlikely to obtain). If police consider your film to portray the country in an unfavorable light, they can shut you down. Even filmmakers with valid film permits have faced such issues. So if you plan on filming in Saudi Arabia near mosques, souks, or impoverished areas, be extra careful. 

For the holy city of Mecca, please keep in mind that only Muslims can enter. So before you make plans, we encourage you to get in touch. We can provide specific details on restrictions and film permits for any location. Tell us more about your next video production and let us help you find the most accessible way to make it happen!

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Saudi Arabia

You do not need to be a new Lawrence of Arabia to be successful in your attempts of capturing the desert’s charm. All you need is reliable support from an experienced local production fixer. That would be us, of course. We strive to provide the ultimate local resources to any foreign production company. For both large scale or independent productions, let’s talk. Find your oasis in the desert of formalities when filming in Saudi Arabia. 

We know how valuable the support of local authorities is when filming abroad. The stunning backdrops rarely featured make this country a true gem. One aspect needing improvement though is the incentives scheme. The film industry has recently opened more to accommodate foreign productions. So, for now, no international production company qualifies for a tax rebate. Part of a plan to encourage filmmakers to choose Saudi Arabia is a 35% cash rebate. This aims to draw more international film productions to the kingdom. In addition, a 50% rebate should become available for expenditures on the Saudi workforce. However, none of these are yet accessible. 

To keep you updated with all the details on tax rebates and incentives, contact us! Saudi Fixer provides the support you need!

Filming in Saudi Arabia