Film Permits & Locations

Shooting in the most exquisite Saudi Arabia filming locations can be a real challenge. To help you stay on track with your production schedule, we jump to the rescue. We know formalities for film permits can be a rather troubling aspect. So we dedicate our resources to make it possible for you to get the most eye-catching shots, legally. Our location scout will guide you through the most scenic routes around the country. Rely on our extensive production support to cover all your needs for filming in Saudi Arabia. Drop us a message and let’s talk more!

Saudi Arabia Filming Locations – Riyadh

If you ever considered The Edge of the World as a backdrop for your next production, let’s make it happen. The Saudi Arabia filming locations include a geological wonder with this exact name. Found northwest of the capital, this rocky desert scenery comes with jaw-dropping cliffs. Count on our production assistance for scouting, gear, or crew. We can also provide support in getting the film permits necessary.

If filming in Riyadh is something you incline towards, give us a call. The capital is not just the largest city, but also the main production hub. Modern urban backdrops are abundant on a skyline brimmed with state-of-the-art architectural gems. Skyscrapers such as the Kingdom Centre or Al Faisaliyah Center are unmissable. To know all about restrictions affecting your plans of filming here, contact us. Our local support is priceless, so let us make your dream of filming in Saudi Arabia come true!

Saudi Arabia filming locations riyadh

Filming in Medina

Saudi Arabia filming locations encapsulate a wide variety of backdrops, still unexploited. So a historical place or modern architectural hub featured in your production is a big plus. If filming in Medina is something of interest for you, allow us to help. As you may know by now, getting film permits in Saudi Arabia is a bit of a maze for foreign producers.

That is why collaborating with a local fixer is always recommended. If you want to get some outstanding shots of the Prophet’s Mosque (Al-Masjid an-Nabawi), let us show you the way. For a long-forgotten vibe, The Lonely Castle (Qasr al-Farid) can help you revive ancient times. Medina has not yet hosted major film productions, so this can be your chance to exploit its potential. Regardless of your favorite location, count on us to assist with the formalities. With us, everything goes well on set while filming in Saudi Arabia.¬†

Saudi Arabia filming locations medina

Saudi Arabia Filming Locations – Mecca

The most appealing for filmmakers is not an accessible place, but rather a forbidden one. In that case, the most intriguing of the Saudi Arabia filming locations must be Mecca. More than two million Muslims come here annually to undertake the Hajj. Recording this massive pilgrimage sounds tempting, but film permits are impossible to get. Non-Muslims are strictly forbidden to even fly to Jeddah, without ample documentation. Even pilgrims need a special visa issued by the government.

Do not abandon hope, our location scout manager can find other areas of interest for your production. A less conservative city in the region is Jeddah. As the country’s second-largest production hub, it is where most filming resources are. The Al-Balad district is particularly charming with its coral buildings and vibrant souks. For any foreign production company filming in Saudi Arabia, we provide top resources. To know more details about our work, contact us!

film permits saudi arabia mecca

Filming in Qassim

Right in the heart of the Saudi Arabia filming locations, a unique province awaits. Filming in Qassim is ideal to capture on film vast desert landscapes, brimming with palm trees. Plantations of grapes, lemons, oranges, or dates are also available in the region. As you share the ideas you have for filming, compatible backdrops can be easily found. Our location scout manager knows the country better than anyone. Take the scenic route and expand your filming horizons beyond the desert line. Put your negotiation skills to test or stay behind the camera.

The choice is all yours, but let us know if you want to shoot in the largest camel market in the world. As an experienced film fixer in Saudi Arabia, we know all about formalities or local customs. We can accommodate your filming needs, assist with the film permits too. Our offer includes all-encompassing support, at the most convenient rates.

location scout saudi arabia qassim